Answers To Your Question - Staff Augmentation Or Project Outsourcing? What’s the best fit for your project?

Sometimes, outsourcing an entire project with a software company can be risky, but what is the alternative? What if that company could staff your team, and you could handle the project internally with extra hands?

Deciding to outsource an entire project to an external vendor is really hard. There are many risks involved, but there are other ways to outsource without losing control or visibility of your project.

With this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How staff augmentation works and why it could be a better way to get all the outsourcing benefits, eliminating the associated risks.
  • How project outsourcing and staff augmentation compares with pros and cons on each side so you can have a full perspective.
  • Ending conclusions of when it is a good option to outsource a project and when it will put your job at risk.


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