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Nearshore Staff Augmentation: A Quick Guide For Busy IT Execs 
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Richard Wallace - January 1, 2024

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Are You A Busy IT Leader (CIO, CTO) With No Time For New Strategies To Attract And Retain Talent?

Nearshore staff augmentation is an excellent option if you’re a busy IT leader. You can quickly and easily get qualified software developers by outsourcing the recruitment process to a nearshore firm. The firm will seek potential candidates from Latin America and usually already has a handful of talent ready to work on a project. Plus, with the added benefit of having a nearshore firm, you’ll be able to take advantage of lower costs and shorter project timelines.

In addition, since you did not hire the staff members assigned to your project, you do not need to go through the employee termination process once the project is complete. For IT leaders looking for a way to free up their time and focus on other strategic initiatives, nearshore staff augmentation is worth considering.

What Will You Learn With This White Paper?

This white paper will help you discover how businesses can use nearshore staff augmentation firms to find quality software developers in Latin American countries like Mexico.

We will explain everything you need to know about how nearshore staff augmentation firms work. You’ll understand why it can be more cost-effective than hiring short-term employees in-house yourself.


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