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Are you ready to put your talent to work on real-world IT problems requiring unique solutions? Join our community of problem solvers, creative thinkers, and IT experts to find more meaningful, innovative work.

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If you’re stuck in your current IT position or tired of the traditional hassles that come with freelance work, it’s time to join our team. ParallelStaff is gathering Latin America’s best and most diverse talent to develop innovative solutions for clients.

We don’t just want to assist businesses in need of IT help. We also want to assist professionals in making it happen, offering exciting and value-driven projects that are meaningful, future-driven, and daring.

ParallelStaff is not just an IT marketplace. We’ll connect you with mentors, help you accomplish your goals, and drive you to challenge yourself. If you want more from your IT job, our available positions can help you get started.

How’s Working With ParallelStaff? You Might Ask…

Great question. Let us defer it to some of the IT pros we’ve worked with.
They’ll tell you what difference working through a company like ParallelStaff can make.

Get Awesome Benefits Of Working With A USA Company

Why You Should Be Working With Us?

Careers Work from_ Home

100% Working From Home!

Embrace the new normal. Cut out the commute, avoid the awkward office chat, and get that work-life balance in order. When you join the ParallelStaff community, you’ll be completely remote and work from your location of choice.

Careers USD Payment

Payment In US Dollars!

What better way to ensure financial stability than getting your paycheck in one of the safest currencies in the world? All our payments to the IT pros we hire are transferred in US dollars, with no complications or questions asked. 

Careers Culture

Great Culture And Teamwork

Who said that IT work had to be isolated? When we talk about the ParallelStaff community, we mean it in the truest sense of the word. Connect with other professionals and embrace a sense of connectedness and teamwork in the process.

Careers Training Support

Training Support Program

We don’t just find work for our IT pros. We also help them become better professionals through a training program designed to help them advance. Professional development is just one of the ways we build community expertise.

Careers Schedule

Personal Time Off

Let’s face it: everyone needs some time to recharge sometimes. And life doesn’t always play alongside a 9-to-5 schedule. As part of the ParallelStaff community, you’ll get the paid time off and flexibility you seek.

Careers Projects

Challenging Projects

Let’s face it: no IT professional wants to work on the same lines of code day after day. We offer the ability to take on a challenge, putting your tech skills to the test in ways that align with your professional expertise and personal values.