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What We Believe?

At ParallelStaff, we believe in the power of nearshore outsourcing and its ability to bring together businesses and IT staff. We believe in helping organizations execute IT solutions faster and launch more quickly at lower cost points.

We believe that IT talent doesn’t depend on geography. We believe that qualified software engineers, designers, developers, and QA professionals can help organizations scale quickly. And, we believe that market demand and availability should not drive the price of partnering with IT professionals into unattainable costs.

Whether you’re looking to scale your SaaS solution or need technical expertise to deliver KPI-driven value, we believe that our partnership can provide you with the talent and expertise you need.

When Looking For A Trusted Partner

Leadership Is The Key

When working with ParallelStaff, you’ll work with experienced professionals who place dependability and integrity alongside technical expertise to help you succeed. But don’t just take our word for it. Learn about our leadership and the partners who will help you find the best IT talent for your situation.

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How Can You Differentiate Us From Other Companies?

Our Secret Sauce Is C.A.R.E.


Our client-centric processes ensure end-to-end communication across every project and every need. Both us and our amazing talent are communication-centered, and you can consider both of us more than just a value machine — we’re partners.


ParallelStaff partners are not faceless entities. Through our nearshore outsourcing approach, you’ll get to know the professionals and dedicated teams who’ll help your company thrive.


We’re stakeholders in your success. We know you have deadlines to hit, ideas to launch, and amazing projects to develop and maintain. Parallel Staff works diligently to respect you, your needs, and your project requirements.


No more needlessly complicated IT processes. Our embrace of the new normal allows us to streamline our processes, creating nearshore outsourcing solutions that thrive on efficiency.

We Make Things Super Simple

For You

nearshore staff augmentation step1
1. Share A JD

Tell us what you need, including the essential tasks and types of work that need to be done. Company details and nuances are welcome.

2. Interview Candidates

Talk to the professionals we think are the best fit. Vet them closely, to make sure you agree with our assessment of their skills and expertise.

nearshore staff augmentation step3
3. Select & Onboard

Once your choice is made, we’ll partner on the onboarding process. We’ll tell them what they need to know and prep them for the task at hand.

Everything Starts With A Mission

This Is Our Mission Story

Too often, the divide between IT talent and organization is all too apparent. Both need each other but don’t know how to find each other.

That’s where ParallelStaff comes in. Imagine the story of Matthew and Carlos.

Matthew is the Director of Engineering at a rapidly growing SaaS business. He needs IT help but struggles to find anyone with the right skill and within the company budget. Relying on personal connections, the help he hires tends to be expensive and unskilled–if he finds anyone at all in the midst of a tech IT shortage.

Carlos is a Mexican Senior Java Engineer who is fluent in English and wants to shift his career to mission-driven projects. But his career has gone stagnant and seems to lack real meaning. But because of a lack of alternatives, he’s stuck at his current job despite his lack of motivation.

In the conventional recruitment process, these two professionals won’t find each other. Now, imagine a scenario in which a liaison can connect the two. Enter ParallelStaff.

As it turns out, Matthew and Carlos work in the same time zone, and their values overlap. One contacts us in dire need of agile-ready engineers, while the other is looking for more purpose-driven work. So we vet Carlos, evaluate his skills, and determine him and others like him to be a great match for Matthew’s needs.

It works out. Matthew selects Carlos and starts to put him at the same table, and in the same video conference, as his other developers. Within three weeks, they’re collaborating and innovating together.

Matthew and Carlos are fictional characters, but their story is all too common. At ParallelStaff, our mission is to bridge the divide to link the two, through nearshore outsourcing you can trust.

Don’t Take Our Word For Granted…

Our work to connect organizations with cost-effective, highly skilled IT professionals leads to plenty of success. But don’t just take that from us. Here’s what past and current clients have to say about their work with ParallelStaff.

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