Your Quickest Access to Mexico and Latin America IT Talent Risk-Free and Effortlessly.

When working with us, you'll get the quickest and easiest access to an unparalleled trusted community marketplace of experts in software development in Mexico and Latin America.

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At ParallelStaff, we believe in the power of people. We connect thought leaders with industry pros to help them execute faster, scale easier, and launch sooner.

Are you looking for the right software engineers to help you scale your SaaS solution? Do you want to touch base with talented developers who have the experience and technical proficiency to deliver KPI-driven value? Are you tired of spending an arm-and-a-leg on nearby talent based on market demand and availability?

Bringing talent to the table shouldn't be hinged to location. ParallelStaff's Nearshore Outsourcing Solutions will help you rally the best engineers, designers, developers, and QA pros under your banner — no matter where they live.

A Team That Lives And Breathes Results!

Dependability, trust, integrity, and communication are baked into ParallelStaff's DNA. Meet our thought leaders, people experience pros, and talent scouts. We work together to help you find the right people for every project.

Daniel Barrera

Daniel Barrera Director of Talent Development

Mike Hernandez

Mike Hernandez Chief Operating Officer

Janell Picon

Janell Picon Chief People Officer

Our Values — T.I.D.E.

Trust &

At ParallelStaff, we know the value of good people working together, and we make that happen every day. Every industry professional in our marketplace is vetted by our team to ensure you will meet only the best. ParallelStaff connects good people with good people, and we walk with them every step of the way. ParallelStaff will help you hire the perfect individual, onboard them successfully, and complete your projects in a timely fashion. We offer personal support through the entire process, so you're never left hanging.

Integrity &

There's more to a successful business than just finding the right skills. With our nearshore staff augmentation services, we find talented, passionate, and driven people who want to make a difference in their workspace. By working exclusively with nearshore outsourcing in Mexico and Latin America, ParallelStaff provides talented workers at affordable prices, and we make sure to do it right. You won't have to deal with the hassle of market demand or limited availability when you work with us, because we provide the best talent for the price they (and you) deserve.

Decisiveness &

This is the time to build a team that makes a difference. If you're hard at work on a software development project with a team in place but need just one more person to fill the gap, we have the solution. Our staff find and recruit the talent you need and connect their passion to your position. ParallelStaff has developed a queue of experts who will get the job done so you don't have to make a hard decision. And we ensure that all our experts are in the same time zone as our customers so there's never confusion. When you join our team, you'll always be able to choose experts who won't let you down.

Empathy &

At ParallelStaff, we know the power of people. That's what we've built our business around. When you come to us, we make sure we understand what you need and why you need it. And when we pick our talent, we pick the people that want to change their lives for the better. Working with people is not just about getting the job done, it's about building relationships that provide the inspiration for change. The teams ParallelStaff puts together will innovate and implement until the job is a success. When you work with us, you'll realize that people really are all you need to make the world a better place.


Our Mission Story

Are you struggling to find the right IT talent and staying within your budget? Let me tell you a story.

Matthew is the Director of Engineering in a fast-growing SaaS company. Carlos is a Mexican Senior Engineer in Java that's fluent in English and is ready to bring tangible value to purpose-driven projects, but his current job position is static and lacks real purpose. In traditional hiring practices, Matthew doesn't get to meet Carlos. Instead, Matthew is forced to work with the people directly around him. They may be expensive, under-skilled, and few and far between. Carlos has to stay at his underwhelming job and continue to work without any real drive.

We're bridging the gap between talent and projects. Whether you need to cut costs or you're looking to rally the best possible skills behind your next deliverable, we're here to break down the walls between location and skill.

Let's bring Carlos and Matthew together. They're in the same time zone; they both want to create something amazing. And they're both ready to execute today. Our Nearshore Staff Augmentation doesn't just give Carlos and Matthew the opportunity to meet; it lets them both sit at the same table.

Matthew reaches out to us to help him find value-driven, agile-ready engineers. Carlos reaches out to us to find real, purpose-driven work. We vet Carlos, assess his skill fit, and put him into the queue, along with other action-ready engineers like him. Matthew picks Carlos and has a remote meeting with him. Within three weeks, Matthew has a full team of engineers, including Carlos, that are ready to collaborate, execute, and innovate.

Connecting people like Carlos, with people like Matthew, is our MISSION.

Recruiting Software Developers Without Dying In The Effort - Top Tricks & Techniques

Is your recruitment process taking longer and being more expensive than expected? We know it! Let’s improve your process and make get better results in a shorter time frame!

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