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ParallelStaff exists to connect companies with the right tech talent at the right price to build profitable solutions.

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Your success is our unwavering commitment, driving us to go above and beyond in every step of our journey together.



Our client relationships thrive on amiability, because genuine warmth and understanding lay the foundation for a successful and fulfilling partnership.



Respect is the cornerstone of our ethos, where every interaction, endeavor, and individual is treated with the utmost consideration and appreciation.



In all our processes and services, effectiveness takes the wheel, driving us to deliver results that make a significant impact and exceed expectations.

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Our team is committed to helping you secure the top IT talent for any project.

Miguel Hernandez

Chief Operating Officer

Janell Picon

Chief People Officer

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Director of Client Success

Dora Cortazar

Director of Talent Acquisition

Miguel Guzman

Director of Technology

Paola Araujo

Account Manager

The Mission Story

ParallelStaff Bridges the Gap Between Business & Tech Talent

Too often, the divide between IT talent and organization is all too apparent. Both need each other but don’t know how to find each other. That’s where ParallelStaff comes in.

Imagine the story of Matthew and Carlos. Matthew is the Director of Engineering at a rapidly growing Saas business. He needs IT help but struggles to find anyone with the right skill and within the company budget. Relying on personal connections, the help he hires tends to be expensive and unskilled if he finds anyone at all in the midst of a tech IT shortage.

Carlos is a Mexican Senior Java Engineer who is fluent in English and wants to shift his career to mission-driven projects. But his career has gone stagnant and seems to lack real meaning. But because of a lack of alternatives, he’s stuck at his current job despite his lack of motivation.

In the conventional recruitment process, these two professionals won’t find each other. Now, imagine a scenario in which a liaison can connect the two. Enter ParallelStaff.

As it turns out. Matthew and Carlos work in the same time zone, and their values overlap. One contacts us in dire need of agile-ready engineers, while the other is looking for more purpose-driven work. So we vet Carlos, evaluate his skills, and determine him and others like him to be a great match for Matthew’s needs.

It works out. Matthew selects Carlos and starts to put him at the same table, and in the same video conference, as his other developers. Within three weeks, they’re collaborating and innovating together.

Matthew and Carlos are fictional characters, but their story is all too common. 

Nearshore software development services solve this problem seamlessly.

A Process That’s Simple and Hassle-Free

Finding qualified engineers doesn’t have to take forever.
Get started in 5 - 10 business days so you can scale quickly.



Schedule an Exploratory Call

In this conversation, we will explore aspects like your team's composition and approach, the criteria for defining success, the projected timeline, budget considerations, and the essential skill sets needed.



Discuss Project and Team Structure

Within a few days, we will complete the project specifications, establish an engagement model, and choose and onboard your team.



Get Started and Track Performance

Upon reaching a consensus on milestones, we will promptly commence our work. We will monitor progress, provide regular updates, and remain flexible in adapting to your evolving requirements.

Your Project is in Good Hands

Save up to 30% on software project execution.

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