IT Company Lands Multi-Million Dollars Contracts by Partnering with ParallelStaff

The Client is a mid-sized tech company providing Microsoft implementation and software engineering staffing solutions to companies throughout the US. Demand for their services was growing beyond their capacity to deliver, so they turned to ParallelStaff for solutions

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Despite ongoing recruiting efforts, they were not finding the right talent. Outsourcing initiatives offered short-term relief but did not provide competitive pricing or terms. They also faced increasing challenges with language barriers and time zones.

Real-Time Collaboration, Proficient and Reliable Talent

Working with ParallelStaff, the Client was able to add three highly skilled engineers to their team within three weeks with none of the language and time zone challenges they had experienced with the other vendor.





The consistency gained by nearshoring enabled the Client to achieve better client outcomes. Working with their nearshore teams in real-time created synergy, and they never again struggled to find the right talent when they needed it


Working with nearshore teams removed language and time zone barriers.

Valuable Contracts

Newfound agility resulted in several multi-million dollar contracts in the US.

Sustainable Staffing

Access to top talent, better payment structures, and terms set the stage for future growth.

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