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A technical services company in Minnesota got millionaire contracts

A mid-sized company dedicated to providing technical and staffing services in Minnesota got millionaire contracts using talent in a nearshore outsourcing model.  Book a Call

85%Speed In Finding Talent
100%Savings In Recruitment
$15M+In contracts

The Client

A mid-sized technology company dedicated to providing technical and staffing services based in Minnesota.

A mid-sized technology company dedicated to providing technical and staffing services to different clients throughout the US. Focused on Microsoft solutions implementation and software engineering staffing.



The Challenge

They needed proficient talent in the fastest possible way. They wanted a way to ensure quality work was delivered on time.

The client realized that even though they were making recruitment efforts to scale their team and find suitable and skilled engineers, they were not getting the results they needed.Differing timezones and other issues made it difficult to meet for debugging. In addition, it was difficult to find solutions without real-time collaboration since the team was overseas.

Our Solution

Nearshore Staff Augmentation

They found that the talent in Mexico was actually very proficient in the technologies they needed. However, the English level was also beyond their expectation. They fostered a very open and comfortable relationship. Thanks to real-time collaboration in the same time zones, the engineers in Mexico could debug and fix issues with the client in real-time.

The Results

1.- The client saw the level of service, commitment, and results that sprung from building teams with Mexican and Latin American engineers. As a result of these recommendations, the client won millionaire contracts with big corporations in the US. The first one was for $5M and the second one was for $12M.

2.- They decided that working with ParallelStaff was a solution they’d consider implementing well into the future. It feels like working with engineers in the US. The collaboration created an incredible synergy between the teams from different countries.

3.- The client realized that there is amazing talent in Mexico and Latin America. They never struggled again to find the right talent at the right time.