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A custom software company increased its market value by 150%

A custom software company in Dallas, TX, doubled its revenue and increased its market value by 150%, in two years using nearshore staff augmentation.  Book a Call

120%Increase in revenue
150%Market Value
5000+Production support situations

The Client

A software company in Dallas, TX, doubled its revenue and increased its market value by 150% using nearshore staff augmentation.

A custom software company in the state of Texas. Provides software engineering services based in web and mobile applications, machine earning, virtual reality, and software integration.



The Challenge

The client wanted to grow as a company and do better in sales than the performance shown in past years.

The client received incredible responses from the market. They started having sales meetings more frequently and, suddenly, they had more projects on their plate than they could handle. The client realized that in order to supply this bigger demand, they needed to quickly scale their software engineering teams, and they had to do it with dependable, proficient software engineers.

Our Solution

Nearshore Staff Augmentation

As the client learned more about the nearshore model, they became intrigued by its benefits and what it could bring to their business. The client decided to work with ParallelStaff and build a team of Python developers based in Mexico. They were able to review and interview candidates after just six days; and they onboarded a team of three engineers a few weeks later.

The Results

1.- As a result of this strategy, the company scaled its management team at its own pace. They only hired local, high-level employees who could serve their clients most effectively. They doubled the software engineering team’s size. The client also doubled the billing and revenue of the company for the next two consecutive years. The company’s net worth grew by 150% and the company was free to work on diverse projects while assisting more clients than ever before.

2.- Because the client could scale or reduce their team as needed, they could rapidly respond to new project requests. It was easy to assemble dependable teams and deliver results within the intended budgets and timeframes.