How To Improve Your Recruitment Process.

Have you lost a great candidate because another IT recruiting company closed the deal faster than you? It may not have been the recruiter’s fault but the recruiter process you are using. At ParallelStaff, we believe we can help you can improve your recruitment process. Please read on to find out about how.

Factors Affecting Your Recruitment Process

Find out first if these factors are hitting your process:

  • It takes you too long to review the candidates’ resumes
  • You are scheduling an interview too many days ahead from the first contact
  • No one is following up with a candidate or doing it too late
  • You are hiding the salary offer to the prospect

 These are just a few factors affecting recruiting and leaving so much on the table. The key is to optimize the whole recruiting process. For example, the managers involved in such a process need to be available and flexible. If they cannot be at the office for an interview, they can schedule a video conference so the process can move forward instead of creating a bottleneck.

Improve specs gathering

To have a correct start, you need to know what are the exact specs for the position. The clearer they are, the better you can provide your client company with the right candidate. Most of the time, if the recruiter does not have a clear idea of what type of profile the customer needs, he will be headhunting in the wrong place. 

Undoubtedly, getting the right specs saves time and energy screening and ultimately recruiting the right person. At ParallelStaff, we always use discovery meetings to ensure we have the right specs to deliver correct recruiting services. We get the proper fit for a customer’s project, and that makes them always happy.

Train and Educate On Your Recruitment Process

We have found there’s a 50-50 chance the customer may be looking to hire the wrong type of developer. One subtle way to optimize your hiring process is to help the client define the appropriate job vacant profile. Also, your recruiter must get acquainted with the IT vocabulary and general IT concepts. You will need to train your recruiter to avoid wasting time and money with the wrong candidate.

Use Agile Techniques

Nowadays, recruiting has to rely on web and cloud base platforms and tools to be effective. Precluding the use of such platforms will make you not only slower but unreliable. Moreover, your process has to align with fast-paced techniques that require your recruiter to interact with correct stakeholders at a given step. Ultimately, your goal is to avoid bottlenecks while reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and following up with candidates. 

Finally, at ParallelStaff, we use agile recruiting techniques and tools to deliver a high-quality candidate within the least time possible. Our filling time rate is low, and that’s why our customers are delighted that we can help them get back on track or start their projects within their timeframe. 

If you like to learn more tips on how to improve requirements, download our FREE Guide to help you improve recruiting IT staff and reduce the time to fill a position.

Janell Picon

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