10 Reasons CTOs Hire Remote Talent with ParallelStaff

These days, building a capable software development team isn’t easy. The U.S. is currently experiencing a severe shortage of software engineers. Unfortunately, finding talented professionals with the skills and personal characteristics you need can require weeks of examining resumes and interviewing applicants (it typically takes an employer 39 days to make a software engineering hire). That costs valuable time, but it is expensive as well, especially when trying to find undiscovered talent. Here you’ll find out the main reasons why our customers love ParallelStaff.

Many companies, faced with the need to assemble effective and productive software development teams to staff business-critical projects, have found a viable alternative to the traditional staffing process. By partnering with ParallelStaff to provide remote talent, they avoid much of the time, expense, and uncertainty typically involved in such undertakings.

ParallelStaff is a global business process outsourcing provider that specializes in staff augmentation and software development. We use a remote nearshore model, which means we are experts at recruiting and providing HR management services for highly skilled software engineering contract employees who work remotely, usually from Mexico.

Why is a partnership with ParallelStaff so advantageous for our customers? To answer that, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits our nearshore staffing model provides.

Mexico is a great source for highly skilled software engineers

Educational institutions in Mexico turn out large numbers of highly qualified software developers. There are, in fact, more of them than local companies can effectively employ. So, the country offers a sizable pool of talented professionals, many of whom are available as remote contract workers to meet the software engineer shortfall in the U.S.

Because Mexico is right next door to the U.S., many engineering professionals are familiar with their northern neighbors’ language and culture. Thus, they communicate quite comfortably with their American peers. That communication is made easy by the close alignment between Mexican and U.S. time zones.

That is beneficial because it allows members of distributed teams to be on pretty much the same schedule. Plus, near-shore outsourcing minimizes travel time when in-person meetings are necessary.

Why many CTOs and CIOs choose ParallelStaff

Nearshore Staff Augmentation provides an excellent opportunity to build cost-effective Software Development teams. But, managing trans-border projects that produce quality results, while avoiding the hidden pitfalls that can easily crop up with such operations, takes knowledge and experience. Consequently, your success will depend on the capabilities and expertise of your business process outsourcing provider.

And that’s where ParallelStaff shines! Here are some of the unique advantages you’ll gain by working with us.

1. Experienced and reliable

ParallelStaff has more than 12 years of experience in the design, development, and delivery of technology products, services, and personnel. As industry leaders, we are fully committed to fulfilling our SLAs (service level agreements). Furthermore, we guarantee our clients the level of quality and service they expect.

2. Responsive

We match our clients with the skilled professionals they need within five to ten business days of receiving the request. We are dedicated to making a good match, demonstrated with a 90% acceptance rate, and a minimum of 80% skills match.

3. Low initial commitment requirement

Our minimum engagement term is one worker for 90 days, which provides you with maximum flexibility to ensure we meet your needs. In our experience, most clients love our engineers and decide to extend the term.

4. Affordable

Because of the tight software engineering labor market in the U.S., top-flight developers command premium salaries. According to indeed.com, the average yearly base salary of a U.S. software engineer is $109,063, plus a $4000 cash bonus. Glassdoor reports that the average yearly salary of a senior software engineer in Mexico is MXN$596k. This equates to $27,265.14 (USD). So, even when full overhead expenses are added, Mexican contract software engineers can be substantially less costly than their U.S. counterparts.

5. Provides the skills you need

ParallelStaff specializes in providing experts in the back-end, front-end, and mobile development, as well as UI/UX, QA/software testing, DevOps, data management, databases, SaaS, application architecture, and project management. Our engineers have 8+ years of experience. Additionally, we’ll ensure that those we assign to you are well versed in your particular technology stack.

6. Engineers are right next door

You can easily bring ParallelStaff engineers to your site for training or consultation whenever needed because they all have valid passports and tourist visas. Their documentation allows them to stay in the U.S. for up to six months.

7. Close cultural and language fit

Communication will proceed smoothly because not only are our engineers familiar with North American culture, but they are also fluent in English. This also means that team chemistry between your internal and nearshore team members can be maintained at a high level.

8. Time zone alignment

Mexico has begun to challenge countries like India and Taiwan as bases for software engineering outsourcing partly because its time zones are closely aligned with those in the U.S. You won’t have to worry about getting up at 3 am to teleconference with our engineers! Increasingly, today’s collaborative development environment demands close, daily communication. Therefore, having personal schedules that mesh with other members of the team can be critically important.

9. Intellectual property protection

When companies consider outsourcing, an area that they often overlook is intellectual property protection. Inevitably, remote engineers will work with company-confidential information that may involve design data, patents, or copyrighted material. That’s why it’s critically important that the countries in which those remote workers are based have strong intellectual property laws that are compatible with those in the U.S. Not every outsourcing country can make that claim, but Mexico certainly can.

10. Easy remote team management

To save you time and labor, you don’t have to concern yourself with the daily supervision of your remote engineers. We track attendance, tasks, and computer activity in real-time. This goes for all ParallelStaff software development team members. Plus, we have a one-on-one weekly check-in with each engineer. Additionally, we provide you with reports of tasks and time tracking on a weekly or monthly basis.

Let ParallelStaff help you!

If you are contemplating assembling software development teams that reap the benefits of using outsourced engineers, you don’t have to go it alone. Here at ParallelStaff, we can provide the guidance and assistance you need. Please contact us.

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