Build Parallel Teams,
With Unparalleled Talent 

IT Staff Augmentation & Dedicated Teams

Connect with the most affordable, loyal, and skilled IT Talent in Latin America. By using our nearshore outsourcing services you have access to 50,000+ top-notch and English-fluent software engineers.


Hire in 5 Days

Find the suitable and skilled IT talent you need in 5 days or less.

Same Timezone

Real-time work, meetings, and collaboration with your team.

Loyal Talent

Eliminate costly turnover with committed and long-term talent.

Nearshore Outsourcing

  • Engineers share a timezone with your business.
  • Fluent English-speaking talent.
  • Fully vetted candidates.
  • Highly qualified, hand-picked, and agile-ready talent.
  • Cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Classic Offshore Outsourcing

  • Talent lives in a completely different time zone.
  • Usually skilled but lacking understanding of processes, technology, and US-centric SDLCs.
  • Not easy to integrate with your core team due to time zone frictions.
  • Highly cost-effective, but variable talent levels.
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Nearshore Outsourcing - How does it work?

nearshore outsourcing step1 Share Your Talent Reqs With Our Team
nearshore outsourcing step2 Interview The Most Suitable Candidates
nearshore outsourcing step3 Define Start Date and Onboarding
nearshore outsourcing step4 Receive Our Ongoing Support

People Love ParallelStaff, But Don't Take Our Word For it...

Access Top-notch Talent

We mean it when we say we just employ "the best of the crop." Our vetting process ensures that we only work with the best developers in Latin America. That's why our engineers excel at more than just hard skills like coding and math. They've also worked with agile workflows and cutting-edge methodologies.

Value-driven Engineers

It's easy to get caught up in processes, technical terms, and ideation. One thing motivates our software developers: business value. Our hiring process incorporates lean-fueled value. There are numerous outsourcing options available to you. We are aware of this. Our competitive advantage is "value."

High Cost-Efficiency

ParallelStaff is less expensive than onboarding domestic engineers but more costly than offshore outsourcing. We've arrived at the Goldilocks zone. We never sacrifice quality for a lower price, but we also don't overspend on projects. We can help you find best-in-class talent at a lower cost than traditional hiring methods.

Matching Timezones

Collaboration and communication are the pillars of any successful software project. Working with offshore talent can be exhausting, time-consuming, and cause project delays. With our Nearshore Outsourcing services, our engineers work in accordance with your time zone. We're close to shore for a reason.
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Brands We Have Helped...

Nearshore Staff Augmentation: A Quick Guide For Busy IT Execs

Have you ever used the staff augmentation model? How did you find the experience? Did you know that many SaaS and software companies use staffing services? They find a solution to their talent challenges in it. What about adding nearshore to the mix?

Nearshore Staff Augmentation - What is it?

nearshore outsourcing engineer

You can scale your existing team by using our Nearshore Staff Augmentation solution. We assist you in hiring fluent English-speaking software engineers who work in your time zone.

With industry-leading skill sets, top-tier soft skills, and a "ready from day 1" guarantee. We assist you in scaling your team without incurring costly onboarding costs.

Why should you use Nearshore Staff Augmentation?

  • Select project-ready Latin American experts.
  • Traditional sourcing is more expensive and inefficient.
  • Create an incredible team without the lengthy ramp-up period.
  • Controlling the budget in a clear and consistent manner.
  • Establish meaningful, potentially long-term relationships.
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Nearshore Software Development - What is it?

Creating the right software products to power your digital transformation can be costly. It can be difficult to launch and scale your next idea.

Modern ad hoc project outsourcing overseas can quickly turn into nightmare fuel. ParallelStaff has a team of skilled Latin American developers ready to assist you.

With our Nearshore Software Development solution, we are ready to assist you in completing those software projects.

Why should you use Nearshore Software Development?

  • Traditional software development lifecycles are more expensive.
  • Develop incredible products without the need for in-house experts.
  • Build, test, and deploy customer-winning software in a timely manner.
  • A simple and straightforward method of gaining access to exceptional talent.
nearshore outsourcing engineer2
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