Nearshore Outsourcing 

Staff Augmentation & Dedicated Teams

Instantly connect with loyal, affordable, and highly-skilled IT talent in Mexico and Latin America. With our top nearshore outsourcing solutions, you can access top-notch and English-fluent hispanic software engineers effortlessly and risk-free.


Hire in 5 Days

Find the suitable and skilled IT talent you need in 5 days or less.

Same Timezone

Work, meet and collaborate with your team in real-time.

Loyal Talent

Eliminate costly attrition with loyal and long-term talent.

Nearshore Outsourcing

  • Engineers share a timezone with your business.
  • Fluent English-speaking talent.
  • Fully vetted candidates.
  • Highly qualified, hand-picked, and agile-ready talent.
  • Cost-effective without sacrificing quality.

Classic Offshore Outsourcing

  • Talent lives in a completely different time zone.
  • Usually skilled but lacking understanding of processes, technology, and US-centric SDLCs.
  • Not easy to integrate with your core team due to time zone frictions.
  • Highly cost-effective, but variable talent levels.
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Nearshore Staff Augmentation - How does it work?

Share Your Talent Specs With Our Team
Interview The Most Suitable Engineers
Define Start Date and Onboarding
You'll Receive Our Ongoing Support

Our clients love it!

Access Top-notch Talent When we say that we only hire "the cream of the crop," we mean it. Our rigorous vetting process leaves us with the very best software developers in Latin America. Our engineers and product designers don't just excel at hard skills like coding and mathematics. They have experience with agile workflows and industry-leading processes.
Value-driven Engineers It's easy to get caught up in processes, tech terms, and ideation. What drives our software developers is one thing — business value. We bake lean-fueled value into our hiring process. There are plenty of outsourcing solutions at your fingertips. We know that. "Value" is our competitive advantage. Our software engineers focus on what matters the most — the results.
High Cost-Efficiency Let's be honest; ParallelStaff is cheaper than onboarding dedicated team members and more expensive than outsourcing offshore developers. We're in the Goldilocks zone. We never sacrifice quality for the price, but we also don't break your bank on projects. If you're looking for best-in-class talent that's cheaper than traditional hiring methods, we're here for you.
Matching Timezones Collaboration and communication are the backbones of successful projects. Working with offshore talent can be draining, time-consuming, and project-stalling. With our Nearshore Outsourcing services, our software engineers and product designers align with your specific time zone. We're nearshore for a reason. Let's build projects together, not just at the same time.
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Nearshore Staff Augmentation: A Quick Guide For Busy IT Execs With Everything You‘re Missing

Have you used staff augmentation model in the past? How was your experience? Did you know that a lot of SaaS and Software Companies find a solution to their talent challenges by using staff augmentation services? How about adding NEARSHORE on top of it?

Nearshore Staff Augmentation - What is it?

nearshore staff augmentation

Our Nearshore Staff Augmentation service lets you scale your existing team with fluent English-speaking software engineers that operate within your time zone.

With industry-leading skill sets, best-in-class soft skills, and a "ready from day 1" guarantee, we can help you scale your team without the expensive onboarding pain points.

Why should you use Nearshore Staff Augmentation?

  • Hand-pick project-ready experts from Mexico and Latin America.
  • More cost-effective and efficient than traditional sourcing.
  • Build an incredible team without the long ramp-up time.
  • Clear and consistent budget control.
  • Create meaningful and potentially long-term relationships.
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Nearshore Software Development - What is it?

Developing the right solutions to fuel your digital transformation can get expensive. Launching and scaling that next idea can be a headache.

Modern outsourcing ad-hoc projects overseas can quickly turn into nightmare fuel. ParallelStaff has an arsenal of skilled developers from Mexico and Latin America ready to help you execute those software projects with our Nearshore IT Managed Services.

Why should you use Nearshore IT Managed Services?

  • More cost-effective than traditional software development lifecycles.
  • Build amazing projects without the need for in-house experts.
  • Rapidly build, test, and deploy customer-winning software.
  • An easy and accessible way to access spectacular talent.
nearshore software development
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