Nearshore IT Outsourcing

Gain elasticity and flexibility when building your software development team with nearshore IT outsourcing. Onboard skilled and seasoned software engineers to scale rapidly without losing the benefits of a dedicated team and top-tier talent. Our experienced professionals work with you to tailor solutions that meet your specific requirements. Enjoy cost savings, increased flexibility, and improved quality.

Build Parallel Teams, With Unparalleled Talent.

Trusted By Fortune 500 Companies
Onboard In 10 Days

Our Turnaround Time Is Ten Business Days. You’ll Meet With Suitable Talent In Two Weeks Or Less.

Shared Timezone

Work And Collaborate With Your Team In Real-Time. Speed Up Product Features And Collaboration.

Dependable Engineers

Seasoned And Autonomous Software Engineers. Onboard Value-Driven And Results-Oriented Talent Only.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration With Your Team. An Extension Of Your On-Site Team For a Fraction Of The Cost.


Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation

Experience seamless collaboration and accelerated growth with our Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation services. Benefit from the expertise of dedicated developers and software engineers who seamlessly integrate into your existing team.

Our commitment to excellence and focus on fostering strong relationships ensure that your projects are delivered on time and within budget.

With Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation, you can tap into a vast pool of talent, overcome resource constraints, and stay ahead of the competition. Take the first step towards a thriving business – learn more about Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation now!

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Nearshore IT Dedicated Teams

Grow your organization faster with dedicated teams available in your time zone. As stakeholders in your company’s success, we’ve made it our business to help companies increase ROI with Nearshore IT Outsourcing service solutions.

Scale your business faster with ParallelStaff’s reliable Nearshore IT Outsourcing solutions. Our areas of expertise include IT Staff Augmentation and Software Development Outsourcing. Connecting with top-notch talent from Latin America to form development teams that meet the highest industry standards.

Accelerate your software development projects, skip costly hiring processes, and onboard enjoying faster turnaround times of ten business days or less with Nearshore IT Outsourcing support.


Top Outsourcing Software Development Company

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Nearshore Software Development

When it comes to your business needs, time matters, and we’re here to make sure your efforts translate to results quickly. Nearshore IT Outsourcing pairs your company with the skilled data specialists from Latin America engineers ready to bring your projects to life.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses onboard Nearshore engineers faster than offshore companies. Start growing today with ParallelStaff.

Collaboration and communication are the pillars of any successful software project. Grow your business faster with reliable outsourced talent available in your time zone. We hand-select expert-level talent from Latin America for unparalleled Nearshore outsourcing support in your time zone.

Don’t Take Our Word For Granted…

Our work to connect organizations with cost-effective, highly skilled IT professionals leads to plenty of success. But don’t just take that from us. Here’s what past and current clients have to say about their work with ParallelStaff.

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