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Top 5 Qualities to Look for When Building a Software Development Team

April 7, 2023
Software development team in an office working together using computers.

When your business needs a custom piece of software, you have two options. You can commission it from an external dev team and hope for the best or you can build your own software development team to build the application by hand. Many businesses opt for internal software development because it provides superior control and your team is immersed in the company, so they will be better able to represent your brand, products, and user experience in the application that is created.

However, if you don’t yet have the software development team that you need, the next step is to carefully hire the right people who have the skills and qualities necessary for the job.

How do you know? You can look for the top 5 qualities that define a productive and capable software development team.

What are the Top 5 Qualities of a Good Software Development Team?

  1. Technical Expertise and Skills
  2. Strong Communication and Collaboration Abilities
  3. Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking
  4. Adaptability and Flexibility
  5. Time Management and Productivity

Male software developer guiding two colleagues during their software development project.

1. Technical Expertise and Skills

First, make sure that all of your developers combined have the skills necessary to build the project you need. Research the technology necessary to interface with your system and provide the user experience you intend. Then hire for those skills using the following criteria.

1.1. Proficiency in Relevant Programming Languages

Most developers can work in one to five programming languages with varying degrees of experience and proficiency. Some programming languages translate easily into one another (like C++ to C#) while others are isolated and unique. Ensure that your software development team has a comprehensive grasp of the programming languages and use cases you require.

You can do this by using virtual skill testing during the hiring process.

1.2. Familiarity with Modern Development Frameworks and Tools

Each programming language has different modes or frameworks and toolkits that vary from project to project. Ask your software dev candidates to explore their experience with each programming language and their familiarity with the frameworks that your project needs for completion.

Those who know will be able to expand in detail on the projects they’ve done and the tools they’ve used.

1.3. ParallelStaff’s Commitment to Technical Excellence

Through ParallelStaff, you will find developers who have already been screened for their technical abilities. Due to our commitment to technical excellence, you won’t have to worry about keyword-stuffed resumes or cursory familiarity. If we recommend a dev with a valuable skillset, we’ve ensured those skills are proven.

2. Strong Communication and Collaboration Abilities

In order to work as an effective member of a software development team, each dev you hire has strong communication skills as well as the ability to collaborate with others. Collaboration relies on a combination of listening, cooperation, and using shared software that helps to coordinate group efforts into a single cohesive project.

2.1. Active Listening and Clear Expression

Through the interview process, you can often determine how well a person can listen considerately and make themselves understood. These skills are essential when working in a software development team and can also be tested in a production setting with a small test project.

2.2. Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills

Software developers also need to be able to work as part of a team. Many devs are used to flying solo, but teamwork is essential when building a custom piece of software that brings together the results of several specializations. Devs also need positive interpersonal skills, and you can test them by placing them in a team environment.

2.3. ParallelStaff’s Focus on Seamless Collaboration

ParallelStaff can help you find developers who are ready and able to collaborate. In fact, we specialize in sourcing professionals who can integrate smoothly and immediately into new teams with our staff augmentation and team-building solutions.

Female software developer explaining codes to a colleague - software development team.

3. Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

Building custom software is, at its core, a large puzzle with many possible solutions. The best software comes from devs who are skilled at applying critical thinking to the process and problem-solving when barriers arise. Integrating multiple technologies and features will always require both skillful logical reasoning and creative problem-solving to produce the best-integrated code.

3.1. Analytical and Logical Reasoning

Programming code is working in a logical system. Highly logical reasoning will result in cleaner solutions and fewer bugs, while analysis can help solve interesting puzzles to achieve your feature set within the bounds of each framework and toolkit.

3.2. Creativity in Finding Solutions

Not all solutions are apparent and innovating in software development also requires creativity. Creative solutions and design will enrich the quality of your software and how the different aspects of the project work smoothly together.

3.3. ParallelStaff’s Proven Problem-Solving Track Record

ParallelStaff prizes problem-solving abilities highly and we keep developers with great problem-solving skills on speed dial. In fact, we know how important the ability to troubleshoot and innovate will be to your project and can connect you with software developers with the logical and creative capabilities you need to build the best possible application.

4. Adaptability and Flexibility

Technology is always changing, with better tools and solutions becoming available every few months. Your project will benefit from a software development team who is ready to learn new things, use new tools, as well as try new solutions in order to create the best software to meet your needs. From AI copilot programming to AR user interfaces, adaptability and flexibility are essential parts of making cutting-edge software today.

4.1. Embracing Change and Learning New Technologies

Getting stuck in one programming language or framework only works for so long. Developers must be ready and willing to learn new technologies as well as embrace a change in direction if a better solution outside their specialization is chosen. In fact, devs who see this as an opportunity to grow are a valuable asset.

4.2. Handling Uncertainty and Ambiguity

An adaptive software development team handles ambiguity with options. Sometimes, an objective or the correct development path is not always clear. If your goal is to create a feature set and user experience, a flexible dev will typically offer you more than one way to achieve your goals, and be ready to try, discard, as well as explore options until the right one is found.

4.3. ParallelStaff’s Agile and Responsive Approach

ParallelStaff can also help you explore developers with a wide range of skills and adaptability. We are dedicated to an agile and responsive approach to team building and know that these qualities are equally important in the software development team that you build.

5. Time Management and Productivity

Lastly, you need a software development team that can handle their time efficiently. Task management and on-time deliverables are what make collaborative development possible. Developers also work best when they can effectively manage their time and productivity without the interference of micro-management. Self-directed and dedicated software developers can help your project move forward quickly and efficiently, solving problems and sharing tasks as they go along.

5.1. Prioritization and Task Organization

A software project has many different tasks to fulfill, and the most efficient route requires intentional prioritization. Teams who can handle task organization together will collaborate more efficiently and come together with complete pieces of the application that can be tested and delivered together.

5.2. Meeting Deadlines and Delivering Results

A team with good time management will be able to meet deadlines as well as deliver milestone features on time.

5.3. ParallelStaff’s Dedication to Timely and Efficient Project Completion

Working with ParallelStaff, you will discover teams that are highly self-sufficient and able to turn a task list into a completed project at an efficient pace. In fact, you can rely on the developers we recommend to have the time and task management skills needed for rapid development and coordinated feature delivery.

Software development team members discussing projects shown on a computer screen.

Questions and Answers

How can you tell if a software developer has the top 5 qualities?

A well-structured interview or screening process can help you identify key qualities in a software developer. You can also rely on a screening partner like ParallelStaff to connect you with developers who already evidence the 5 top qualities of a good software developer.

How do you know if a software development team will work well together?

Doing a test project with your existing team and/or candidate finalists can show you the natural synergy between team members to determine if a team works well together.

How do you hire the software developers you need for a project?

First, determine the technologies and features you will need. Then hire developers based on the programming languages, frameworks, toolkits, as well as past experience they have that will contribute to your software development goals.

Can I hire software developers for just one project?

Working with a team like ParallelStaff, you can also build teams that are permanent or temporary depending on your software development needs. If you want to make just one application, for example, you can hire a dedicated team or hire contractors whose duration is contingent on your project.

Working with Parallel Staff to Build Your Software Development Team

ParallelStaff is a dedicated nearshore staffing team that specializes in finding the IT and software developer talent that your business needs. Whether you want to build one piece of software and stop or you have a full suite of software and support that requires a skilled on-staff team, we know where to find the skilled, adaptive, and teamwork-oriented developers you need.

ParallelStaff is the best option for boosting ARR. Book a meeting today to explore the right staffing solution to build an exemplary software development team!

Miguel Hernandez