SaaS Company Increased Revenue By 120% With ParallelStaff

The Client had a national presence in the US and was experiencing rapid scale. ParallelStaff solved their staffing challenges and helped them step into their future.

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The Client had been outsourcing to Ukraine but was experiencing a 48% turnover and exceedingly high retraining costs. They needed consistency, and finding candidates with a balance of technical and customer-facing skills was not an easy task.

Nearshore Staff Augmentation Enables Cost Reduction and Sustainable Growth

ParallelStaff identified exceptional talent that met the Client’s exacting criteria in just ten business days. They immediately onboarded three engineers and achieved the stability they needed to realize their business goals.





The Client’s nearshore staff has now grown to a team of 36 engineers, helping them scale their operations and effortlessly provide the high service level they are known for. They now handle 5000+ additional production support cases annually without skipping a beat.

Growth Achieved

Nearshoring enabled the Client to grow from 980 customers to 2500 in one year.

Bottom Line Value

The Client’s revenue increased by 120% as a direct result of staff augmentation.

Cost Reduction

Attrition was reduced from 48% to less than 5%, and productivity increased by 98%.

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