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Our Process Is Straight But Strict

Onboard Quality IT Talent In Five Days

When you outsource IT work with ParallelStaff, we’ll help you get high-quality professionals quickly. Thanks to our efficient process, our average client onboards a member of the ParallelStaff community within five to ten business days. By the end of week two, the new team is ready to get started even on complex projects.

But speed only matters when the quality aligns with it. That’s why we vet all of our professionals according to their skill sets and shared values and goals. By the time we recommend a pool of professionals to you, you already know they all fit the basic qualifications.

Finally, our community all hails from Latin America, close enough to work within your time zone. That’s the beauty of nearshore IT outsourcing.

We Make Things Super Simple

For You

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1. Share A JD

Tell us what you need, including the essential tasks and types of work that need to be done. Company details and nuances are welcome.

2. Interview Candidates

Talk to the professionals we think are the best fit. Vet them closely, to make sure you agree with our assessment of their skills and expertise.

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3. Select & Onboard

Once your choice is made, we’ll partner on the onboarding process. We’ll tell them what they need to know and prep them for the task at hand.

You Can Lean On Our Process

Tailored Recruitment Process

Screening. Every IT pro in the ParallelStaff community has been screened for their skillset and professional experience, ensuring a base level of competence well above minimum expectations.

English Assessment. The IT staff you hire through ParallelStaff has a firm grasp of the English language, showcasing proficiency that ranks from B2 to C2 in the Common European Framework of References for Languages.

Technical Assessment. In addition to basic IT skills, our engineers also undergo a screening that tests and validates their technical proficiency in the skills your business needs.

Background Check. You need to trust the professionals you hire. Our background check ensures that every expert procured through nearshore outsourcing is ready to work in your country without concern.

Save Time & Money With Our Services

Eliminate Recruitment Overhead

In an industry defined by attrition, outsourcing your IT recruitment can provide more than just a breath of fresh air. It means being able to entirely eliminate your recruitment budget, allowing you to stop spending on job ads or headhunters. Instead, we’ll do the work for you, providing you with the staff you need after simply understanding your job description.

Those savings add up over time. Through ParallelStaff, you don’t just get multiple qualified IT experts whose values match yours. You also benefit from working with a business that can show a less than 10% attrition rate. Your team changes on your time and budget, not because of involuntary staff loss.

It’s a win-win in the value equation. Eliminate IT recruitment overhead, both short-term and long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Nearshore…

Is ParallelStaff a U.S. business?

Yes. ParallelStaff is based and headquartered in the United States with offices in Dallas, TX.

What type of engineers do you provide?

The engineers in the ParallelStaff community can execute front-end, back-end, and mobile development. Visit our Nearshore Outsourcing Services overview for more information.

What is the Seniority of your Engineers?

Each of our engineers can show at least five years of IT experience in three or more related technologies. That’s how we ensure quality throughout all phases of development.

What are your turnover and attrition rates?

The ParallelStaff community of IT professionals maintains a less than 10% annual attrition rate. We attribute that to our organizational culture and values-based approach.

Are your Engineers fluent in English?

Every engineer you hire through ParallelStaff is not just fluent but has a firm grasp of the English language. Additionally, every engineer in our community has a Common European Framework of References for Languages that rank from B2 to C2, ensuring alignment with your business needs.

Can your Engineers work in my Timezone?

Yes. In fact, we only hire engineers from locations that ensure our business partners can find engineers with a time zone overlap. Our efforts to help you find developers include a specific focus to ensure that every engineer in your pool can work on your time.

Nearshore Timezones We Serve:

Our community of nearshore IT pros includes professionals in:

  • Pacific Standard Time (PST)
  • Mountain Standard Time (MST)
  • Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)
  • Central Standard Time (CST)
  • Eastern Standard Time (EST)

How long does it take to build a team?

When you work with ParallelStaff, you can assemble a reliable IT team in an average of ten days. That said, we typically deliver the first group in five days or less to help you start your project quickly. That’s faster than standard offshore companies and significantly faster than hiring full-time staff. Our first groups have an average 90% acceptance rate and 80% skill match.

Can I bring your engineers to my offices?

Yes. Every ParallelStaff engineer has a valid passport and tourist visa. As a result, your team can host our engineers anywhere in the United States for up to six months for onboarding and project work.

Let’s Build Your Team Together!