A telecom global company found 5-figure savings by adding Mexican talent with nearshore outsourcing to its automation team.

Do You Own Or Work In A Telecom Company?

As a C-Executive or decision-maker in a telecom company, you always seek ways to generate cost savings. You may have considered Robotic Process Automation (RPA) but may have yet to achieve the desired results or find the talent. The RPA method can be a great way to save money, but only if implemented correctly. 

However, finding the right talent can take time and effort as there are a limited number of qualified RPA professionals, and the demand for their skills is high. In this high-in-demand market, ParallelStaff was able to help a global telecom company find 5-figure savings by adding Mexican talent to its RPA team. It is just one example of how nearshore professionals can bring value to telecom companies.

Discover How You Can Also Get These Results

  • If you want to learn how your company could also benefit from adding nearshore talent to your automation team, this case study is for you. You’ll discover how one global telecom company saved about USD 500,000 through direct and indirect savings. 
  • As an IT leader, you know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve and always look for ways to improve your team’s performance. So, when you heard about this case study, you were probably intrigued. Could adding outsourced talent to your team’s automation efforts be the key to similar success?
  • In just 15 days, our team found candidates with the technical expertise, English proficiency, and soft skills needed for the positions. After nine months, the customer had an ROI that covered the cost of software licensing, consultant salaries, training, and hardware infrastructure. In addition, 27 RPA efforts resulted in constant savings for the customer.
  • Our team discovered that directors (46%) and managers (37%) had positions with the most RPA initiatives. And the most considerable percentage of genuine automation opportunities were in marketing (65%) and HR (42%). These results showed plenty of options for automating processes across different departments in a company.

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