A technical services company in Minnesota got millionaire contracts using talent in a nearshore outsourcing model.

Do You Own Or Work In A Technical Services Company?

Has your sales team landed you multiple projects for which you don’t have enough engineering capacity? Are you trying to scale fast, but the hiring process is taking too long? Do you need to scale up your teams to hit an upcoming deadline temporarily?

If so, you’re not alone. Hundreds of technical service companies across the country are dealing with similar problems. But luckily, this is a problem with a clear, well-defined solution.

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In this complimentary case study, you will learn how ParallelStaff helped a company like yours by matching them with skilled engineers found in Mexico and Latin America. Here at ParallelStaff, we help you meet your projects’ hiring demands through nearshoring – which, in our case, is the process of matching you with technical workers in countries outside but geographically close to America. 

As you read this complimentary case study, you might think this situation sounds like your own. Maybe, like the company in the case study, you have also tried hiring solutions similar to theirs, which also didn’t work out for you.

If that’s the case. And, after reading the short case study, if you think that nearshore outsourcing can help you with your project loads, please reach out to us. We would love to help you connect with someone within our community of 50,000+ engineers in Mexico and South America.