A software company in Dallas, TX, doubled its revenue and increased its market value by 150% using nearshore staff augmentation.

Do You Own Or Work In A Software Company?

If you are the owner or manager of a software company, you know it’s essential to increase the productivity and efficiency of your software development team. In recent years, there has been an explosion of new technologies that help your company rapidly increase its output of new web and mobile applications, machine learning algorithms, virtual reality simulations, and software integration. 

However, with this increase in potential output comes the need for more trustworthy and competent software engineers to manage these new technologies. Fortunately, there are ways to find such engineers designed explicitly for IT leaders like yourself. That’s where ParallelStaff comes in — we helped a software company in Dallas, TX, double its revenue and increase its market share using nearshore staff augmentation. 

Discover How You Can Also Get These Results

  • This case study outlines how a custom software company in Dallas, TX increased its revenue and market value by 150% in just two years by augmenting its staff with nearshore outsourcing.
  • The customer in question grew interested in the nearshore concept. So they engaged with ParallelStaff to assemble a group of Python programmers from Mexico. After only six days, they assessed and interviewed potential hires and, a few weeks later, brought in a talented team of three engineers.
  • After just two months, the engineers met the company’s demands precisely and made significant progress on major projects on schedule and budget. And if demand ever increased, the company could easily hire ten or more additional engineers without any problems.
  • The complete case study will outline the company’s challenges before considering nearshore staff augmentation, the specific actions it took that resulted in such positive outcomes, and the critical lessons of the experience. These factors can better help you understand how to make similar decisions for your organization that could lead to increased success.

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