ParallelStaff Is Your Access to Latin America IT Talent Risk-Free and Effortlessly

When working with ParallelStaff, you'll get access to an unparalleled trusted community of 50,000+ experts in Software Development in Latin America.

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We at ParallelStaff believe in the power of the individual. We bring together thought leaders and industry experts to help them execute faster, scale more easily, and launch sooner.

Are you looking for qualified software engineers to assist you in scaling your SaaS solution? Do you want to get in touch with talented developers who have the experience and technical expertise to deliver KPI-driven value? Are you tired of paying exorbitant fees for local talent based on market demand and availability?

Bringing talent to the table should not be dependent on geography. ParallelStaff's Nearshore Outsourcing Solutions will assist you in enlisting the best engineers, designers, developers, and QA professionals — regardless of where they live.

Our Leadership Team

ParallelStaff's DNA is built on dependability, trust, integrity, and communication. Learn about our thought leaders, people experience experts, and talent scouts. We collaborate to help you find the best people for each project.

Richard Wallace

Richard Wallace Linkedin Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Hernandez

Mike Hernandez Linkedin Chief Operating Officer

Janell Picon

Janell Picon Linkedin Chief People Officer

ParallelStaff Values — T.I.D.E.

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At ParallelStaff, we understand the importance of good people working together, and we work hard to make that happen every day. Our team vets every industry professional in our marketplace to ensure you only meet the best. ParallelStaff connects good people, and we accompany them every step of the way.

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A successful business requires more than just finding the right people. We find talented, passionate, and driven people who want to make a difference in their workplace using our nearshore staff augmentation services. ParallelStaff provides talented workers at affordable prices by working exclusively with nearshore outsourcing.

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This is the time to put together a team that will make a difference. If you're working on a software development project with a team but need just one more person to fill the gap, we can help. Our team finds and recruits the talent you require and matches their passion to your position.

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We understand the value of people at ParallelStaff. That is the foundation of our company. When you come to us, we make certain that we understand what you require and why you require it. And when we choose our talent, we look for people who want to make a difference in their lives.


ParallelStaff Mission Story

Are you having trouble finding the right IT talent while remaining within your budget? Allow me to tell you a story..

Matthew works as the Director of Engineering for a rapidly expanding SaaS business. Carlos is a Mexican Senior Java Engineer who is fluent in English and eager to contribute tangible value to mission-driven projects, but his current status is stagnant and lacks real meaning. Matthew does not get to meet Carlos in the conventional recruiting process. Instead, Matthew is compelled to collaborate with those closest to him. They may be costly, unskilled, and in short supply. Carlos must continue to work at his unappealing job despite his lack of motivation.

We're bridging the talent and project divide. We're here to break down the barriers between location and ability, whether you need to cut costs or mobilize the best possible talents behind the next deliverable.

Let's connect Carlos and Matthew. They're in the same time zone, and they both want to make something spectacular. And they're both good to go right now. Our Nearshore Staff Augmentation not only allows Carlos and Matthew to meet, but it also allows them to sit at the same table.

Matthew contacts us to assist him in finding value-driven, agile-ready engineers. Carlos contacts us in order to find meaningful, purpose-driven work. We vet Carlos, evaluate his skill match, and place him in line with other action-ready engineers like him. Matthew selects Carlos and arranges a video conference with him. Matthew has a full team of developers, including Carlos, ready to collaborate, conduct, and innovate within three weeks.

Our MISSION is to link people like Carlos with people like Matthew.

Recruiting Software Developers Without Dying In The Effort!

Is your recruitment process taking longer and being more expensive than expected? We know it! Let’s improve your process and make get better results in a shorter time frame!�

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