Mike Hernandez

Miguel has proven experience in the IT area both from the research and development standpoint and from providing high-quality IT Nearshore Technology services. Since 2012 Miguel began to explore the entrepreneur arena. In 2019, he joined ParallelStaff to expand the Nearshoring business.


Nearshore Software Development Is No Longer Optional

Mexico has become particularly attractive to U.S. companies as an outsourcing provider because of the growing number of skilled software developers available there. With STEM programs graduating about 130,000 highly trained engineers every year, Mexico has many well-qualified software developers who are eager to work as remote contractors for U.S. companies.

Nearshore Staff Augmentation – All You Need To Know

Nearshore staff augmentation is a strategy that businesses use to staff a project by outsourcing the recruitment, hiring, training, and management of those team members. Nearshore refers to hiring talent from Mexico and other Latin American countries.